Organic. The first part of the word BioEvmeos (bio) refers to life. Biological is one who keeps a natural and harmonious relationship with nature and its rhythms, without violating the balance and natural rules.

Evmeos is the loyal and devoted swineherd in Ulysses’ palace, who welcomes him after his ten-year absence.

BioEvmeos was born combining the above two; namely, the loyalty and devotion to organic products and organic farming.

The beginning is our legacy

We inherited the land from our ancestors. Sheperds and breeders, today, like in the past, we cultivate the same soils, with love and devotion, defending the struggles and labors of a lifetime, fighting and defeating the same fears. Today our animals grow in the same land and we respectfully try to continue the mission that our ancestors initiated, bearing in mind their lessons and stories that still echo in our ears.

The Evmeos story as an Organic Agriculture and Organic Livestock entity begins in 2000, with extensive breeding of native Greek pig species in the mountain pasture of Hellenikastrites, Trikala, a protected area that is part of NATURA program.

Our business operation started and is still housed in a modern farm under EU standards. In 2002, in cooperation with BIOHELLAS which issued the final Certification, our farming became exclusively organic. Evmeos was rearing Greek organic pork, one of the first farms to market the specific product.

Our partners

BioEvmeos’ partners with producers but we also work with cattle, lamb and poultry breeding farms, creating and maintaining a steady progress for our business. Such a setting facilitates the wholesale distribution of all types of meat.

Meanwhile, we dare to be innovative, supporting the breeding of and promoting in the market three indigenous Greek animal breeds. Shorthorn cattle, black pig and buffalo, all Greek and organic.

Such initiatives and collaborations always adhere to strict rules and are carried out under constant quality control at all stages of breeding, supervised by a specialized team of agronomists, veterinarians and food technologists, in order to ensure the quality of the products. As a rule, all integrated and partner farms are controlled and certified.

At present, BioEvmeos is certified by COSMOCERT Certification company.

BioEvmeos is a wholesale business, providing all types of meat and meat products, fresh and/or frozen, in vacuum packaging. Our impeccable packaging elevates the shop window fronts of our valued partners. We provide different package weight options, according to your needs: 500g, 1 or 2kg.

Standardization of our products is carried out in collaboration with a certified packaging facility, which meets high standards ensuring consistent product quality, and is supervised at all stages of packaging by the company’s experienced staff.

BioEvmeos has its own, independent quality control department staffed by food technologists, who are consistently updated and trained under the supervision of a veterinary specialist. The quality control department inspects and works daily for the safe maintenance, packaging, transportation and handling, maximizing the appropriate use of products. Our quality control team is at your disposal for any query or comment.

Our company always seeks to create satisfaction and customer loyalty, delighting them to exceed our customers’ expectations. We deliver our products to organic stores, catering sites, play schools, meat shops, throughout Attica and nationwide, while exporting to Europe and the Balkans.

In BioEvmeos, we are looking for and aspiring to new partnerships, in order to further expand our products’ distribution network.
We are here to discuss with you, in order to accommodate your needs and demands to the fullest.

Evmeos’ mission: to highlight and promote the superiority of organic Greek meat.

BioEvmeos aims to highlight organic meat as a necessary, integral and firmly integrated part of our diet, providing high quality products that satisfy the consumer taste and nutritional needs. Over the years, we work with integrity and dedication to provide pure and consistent products, offering our customers nothing less than safe and nutrient-rich foods.

Our sustained effort is to offer the opportunity to our customers and final consumers of our products, to become familiar with the unique taste of Greek organic meat, and to gain firsthand knowledge of its real and substantial surplus value. We firmly believe that informed consumers are capable of making more conscious choices of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

For that reason, we support organic farming that guarantees a sound mind in a healthy body providing sustainably produced products. In this regard, our company supports multiple goals. As we progress and plan for the future, we do not forget the past or the importance of our history and traditions. With knowledge, experience and science on one hand, and love for what we do on the other, we strive to integrate our ancestors’ wise practices and applications. The meat we taste pleasantly surprises us when it recreates familiar flavors from the past, evoking memories of the meals prepared by our mother and our grandmother, who cooked with so much love, respecting nature and its laws; our tradition.

Tradition is our cultural heritage; it means respect for our history, recognition for the value of our products and transmission of those values. A significant part of our tradition are the nutritional raw materials and their proper use.

Greek meat, a valuable product from the rich and fertile Greek land, is established through organic farming and reemerges as a modern food with timeless value.

BioEvmeos – Retail. The organic meat shop

In 2013, Evmeos expands its wholesale business to retail and opens a meat store in Kalithea, Attika. In our butchery you will find all types of meat. Our staff will be more than happy to help you choose what you need and suggest ways to get the most out of the meat you will buy, both in terms of taste and nutrition. We are happy to accommodate you.

We provide daily home delivery throughout Attica. For purchases outside Attica, we safely ship our products throughout Greece.

Contact us by phone or place your order online.